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What to Look Out for When Selecting a New Open Water Site

Focus on these things to avoid disaster

Water is perhaps the most powerful force on the planet. It has literally moved mountains, carved valleys, and destroyed civilizations throughout the ages. For swimmers, it’s our element, sure, but it absolutely demands the appropriate level of respect at all times.

Aquatic environments aren’t our primary milieus, and as such, any watery location can turn deadly in an instant. If you’re looking to venture into open water, it’s critical that you understand that Mother Nature always has the upper hand. When selecting a site for open water swimming, choose wisely and steer clear of these three common water hazards.

Rip Currents

When swimming in a coastal location, one of the most common—and potentially deadly—hazards you can encounter are rip currents. Rip currents, also sometimes erroneously referred to as rip tides, are powerful columns of water that can develop perpendicular to beaches. They occur when a sandbar (or other in-water structure) traps water between the beach and itself. That trapped water wants to rush back out to sea and will eventually create a rip across or around the obstacle. Rips can become fast-moving rivers of water that rush directly outward and can easily carry an unsuspecting swimmer well away from shore in a matter of seconds. 

Key safety advice for open water swimmers is published as lockdown is eased

Key safety advice for all open water swimmers has been drawn up by Swim England, British Triathlon and the Royal Life Saving Society UK following the partial lifting of the coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

The bodies have collaborated to draw up the guidance after the Government announced open water swimming would be possible from Wednesday 13 May.

Fundamentals of Open Water Rescue

Fins and Rescue Flotation Devices: A Winning Combination

Give its extensive history, the fire service is fairly new to the open water rescue. As more people have the means to venture into the open water with wave runners, kayaks, two- day scuba classes, and stand-up paddle boards, firefighters are often thrust into the role of open water rescuer. A few municipalities—Ventura County, California; Bay County, Florida; Kauai County, Hawaii; Pierce County, Washington; New York City; and Sea Bright, New Jersey–have fire departments that have made successful water rescues for decades even before modern lifeguard services were available.

Over the last 20 years several municipalities have absorbed lifeguard operations. City of San Diego, Los Angeles County, and Miami Beach lifeguards perform their duties under command of the fire department using equipment that was designed and procedures that were developed long before falling under the umbrella of the fire service. Whether you are a firefighter rescue swimmer or lifeguard paramedic, rescue fins and a modern rescue flotation device (RFD) should be readily available for open water rescue.

Vaste 2-uur training op zaterdag!

2019-11-20 - Wassenaar - Ik heb reeds hier en daar gepolst bij zwemmers in mijn omgeving. Het lijkt er op dat er voldoende belangstelling is voor een vaste training op zaterdag ochtend van 10.00 uur tot 12.00 uur.

De locatie zal het 25m bad De Thermen2 (AquaRijn) in Alphen aan den Rijn zijn. De reden voor deze locatie is dat het bad goed bereikbaar is. Het ligt redelijk centraal ligt tussen Den Haag, Leiden, Gouda, Zoetermeer, Amsterdam en Utrecht.

Clinics hebben veel deelname!

2019-08-07 - Wassenaar - ChannelChallenge heeft inmiddels meer dan 8 open water zwemclinics gegeven. De meeste daarvan waren in samenwerking met ZwemAnalyse. De clinics waren in zowel zoet als zout water en op heel verschillende locaties. Er komen er nog wat meer aan: 

Uitdaging voor eenieder

Let op wat we doen op en rond open water met...

Immersed in the Wild

An 'open-water' swimmer finds a risky intimacy with nature.

Although I had been swimming on and off since moving from southwest Montana back to San Francisco in mid-January, my new season officially started on April 17th, the day I turned 60. It was a bright afternoon, the sun partially obscured by high thin clouds, gusts churning the surface of Aquatic Park, a manmade cove bounded by curved piers on the waterfront. That's where I swim, along with others whose notion of a swell time is plying chilly San Francisco Bay while wearing nothing but a cap and a Speedo. And chilly it was that day -- water about 55 degrees, or 30 degrees cooler than the average municipal pool. Whatever pleasures await the cold-water sea swimmer -- and they are incomparable, even, at times, transcendent -- reaching them entails a certain amount of discomfort.

Heroes And Heroines In Cork Counting Channel Conquests

Courtesy of Philip Hodges, Cork Distance Week, Ireland.

"Philip Hodges published an incredible chart of the marathon swims accomplished over 100 days by the 2017 Cork Distance Week swimmers," reported founder and instigator Ned Denison.

One of the swimmers tells his own tale:, “I’d done my single warm water lake marathon, followed my dream, signed up for the English Channel in 2018, put in a hard winter of pool training and shivered through some spring cold water dips. The trip to Ireland was from home to a larger airport, then over the Atlantic to London then on the Cork. I arrived late the night before the start of the Cork Distance Week and met my roommates, one veteran from three previous years and two other newbies.

Speedo and Samsung deliver swim athletes some serious technology

A sporting heavyweight and tech giant have come together to deliver swim athletes some serious technology.

Revealing the partnership overnight in Berlin, Germany, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. and Speedo International Ltd. are launching a new platform to help swimmers track their activity.

Zwemanalyse Zeezwemclinic

maandag, 18 september, 2017 - 19:00

In verband met weer-code geel aan de Nederlandse kust op 11 september is de tweede zeezwemclinic van Zwemanalyse en ChannelChallenge verplaatst naar de reservedatum 18 september. Naast onweer wordt windkracht 6 met stoten van 7 verwacht tijdens de clinic.