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Ned Denison

Pictures and video of the first Rotte River Windmills Swim

2018-04-28 - Bleiswijk - The inaugural Rotte River Windmills Swim has been done! Ned Denison and Carol Cashell swam 10,4km in reasonable, but cold (under 14C), conditions. It took almost 3 hours. Pilot ed van der Horst had some trouble keeping his small vessel straight in the wind, but managed well enough. Ned was cold enough afer 10km. Carol could have gon on to swim the full 12,5k and decided it was good to step out with Ned. Owen O'Keefe joined them both for the last bit.

Pictures of the first Rotte River Windmills Swim

Owen O'Keef made pictures before he entered the water to swim himself.

Historical Cohb Crossings And Circumnavigations

Courtesy of Ned Denison, Cobh, Ireland.

In early 2005 Ned Denison had an idea of swimming around Cobh, located on the south coast of County Cork, Ireland.

"I had never swum a marathon of 10 km or more and was looking at possible training swims for my planned English Channel crossing that summer.

Back then, there were no easy-to-book marathon swims and swim camps. Today, English Channel aspirants can swim increasing longer distances in the 2-5 year run up their time, access huge amounts of online information, attend training camps, and learn from real local mentors."

Heroes And Heroines In Cork Counting Channel Conquests

Courtesy of Philip Hodges, Cork Distance Week, Ireland.

"Philip Hodges published an incredible chart of the marathon swims accomplished over 100 days by the 2017 Cork Distance Week swimmers," reported founder and instigator Ned Denison.

One of the swimmers tells his own tale:, “I’d done my single warm water lake marathon, followed my dream, signed up for the English Channel in 2018, put in a hard winter of pool training and shivered through some spring cold water dips. The trip to Ireland was from home to a larger airport, then over the Atlantic to London then on the Cork. I arrived late the night before the start of the Cork Distance Week and met my roommates, one veteran from three previous years and two other newbies.

Guest post: Ned Denison on Essential Volunteering to support solo swims and swimmers (with added maths)

He is an International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee,  also a committee Member for Santa Barbara Channel Swim Association, Manhattan, the Lee swim, and In Search of Memphre, amongst other things, as he seems to like being on committees. He is also persistently confused by the difference between an email subject line and the body of an email text. It’s not unusual to get an entire illegible paragraph in the subject line.

Selectie van foto's IJssemeerzwemmarathon 2014

2014-08-15 - Er leek op 9 augstus nauwelijks iets aan de hand. De briefing vond gewoon plaats en verzamelen de volgende dag om 6 uur bij Jack.

De volgende foto's zijn door de officiële fotografe van de Marathon: Miriam Stenzel-de Jong. Meer op haar facebookpagina.

The IJsselmeer Marathon Swim: 22k

Written by Ned Denison

2014-08-11 - Medemblik (NED) - Anyone who ever visited the Netherlands knows that the Dutch rule the water. They built a massive dam across the Zuiderzee and created one of the largest fresh water lakes in Northern Europe (out of the ocean!)– the scene of their only marathon race – 45 years strong. I had read about it years ago and it went on my long list.

Temperatuurbeleving in open water

2009-08-12 - Een vertaling en bewerking van een bericht van de Amerikaans-Ierse zwemmer Ned Dennisen.

Er zijn veel sites waar de "objectieve temperatuur" van water te vinden is. Soms is dat de hoogste temperatuur van de dag, soms de actuele temperatuur. De luchttemperatuur is eveneens van belang en wordt vaak ook gemeld. Het blijft vaak een meting van een enkele plek. Soms zijn er meerdere metingen en wordt alles er tussenin geschat. 

Echter... dit alles is van relatief belang voor de belevig van temperatuur in het water.