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Brisbane teenager swims across English Channel twice, loses layer of tongue

A Brisbane teenager has become the second-youngest person to swim the English Channel twice in one day, swimming 68 kilometres in 22 hours to make it happen.

Brianna Thompson, 17, lost a layer of her tongue and suffered from severe leg cramps and jellyfish stings in the swim from England to France and back — a feat of endurance only achieved by 20 others.

Swimming with MS: Former Montrealer taking on extraordinary challenge

Early next month, the 53-year-old Victoria resident will be the first to attempt a double crossing of the Juan de Fuca Strait.

Only seven people have swum the frigid length of the Juan de Fuca Strait, a 33-km channel between Washington state’s Olympic Peninsula and Vancouver Island, without a wetsuit. One of them is former Montrealer Susan Simmons, an open-water ultra-marathon swimmer. When she swam the strait last summer, she clocked the shortest time on record: 10 hours, six minutes.

Press release Double North Channel

Official press release @ FB
2 way North Irish channel attempt Dr Caroline Block 4th - 5th August 2017

'If you don't go when your gone you can't get'

Having planned a 2-way crossing on completion of her North Irish channel one way solo on 6th August 2016 Caroline arrived in Ireland mid July, 2017 ready to go one year to the day.

Channel Tunnel Vision | We Spoke To Howard James About His Double Record-Breaking Channel Swim

"Get up. Swim. Eat pizza. Go to bed"

In 2016, driven by personal loss and a intrinsic need for a new water-bound challenge, endurance swimmer Howard James set out to achieve two new world records for the earliest and the latest English Channel swims. To complete them would place him among the greats of British open water swimmers and up the ante in the challenging arena of Channel swimming.

In an age where athletes make fortunes billboarding for marketeers and sports live streams are the new gladiator spectacle for thrill seeking screen-sloths the world of endurance swimming slips quietly by without recognition, its participants stoically paddling on in relative anonymity.

Gangsta Grannies from Poole swim across the Channel

Two grandmothers from Poole, who dubbed themselves the Gangsta Grannies, are believed to be the first ever team of two to swim across the Channel - and back again.

Ali Budynkiewicz, 58, and Lisa North, 48, completed their return crossing from Dover to France in just over 31 hours.

They swum two-hour rotation shifts, in a bid to raise money for BCHA (Bournemouth Churches Housing Association) to help the charity support its Bournemouth Refuge.

'Gangsta Grannies' complete double cross-channel swim

Two grandmothers successfully completed a 42-mile English Channel swim to France and back.

Ali Budynkiewicz, 58, and Lisa North, 48, known as the "Gangsta Grannies", entered the water at Samphire Hoe in Dover, Kent, at lunchtime on Wednesday.

SchoolslagPromotieTour missie geslaagd!

2015-08-03 - Medemblik - Vroeg in de ochtend monsterden de heren zwemmers en begeleiders aan op de Rolling Stone van schipper/loods Miloe Blankers. Het was 6 uur in de ochtend en het feestgedruis van de avond ervoor in Medemblik was nauwelijks verstomd. Het water was relatief kalm en de temperatuur redelijk (voor het IJsselmeer): 18.5.

--> even geduld voor het laden van de rest: er zitten foto's in het document

Schoolslag promotietour gaat door!

2015-07-19 - Amsterdam (Gaasperplas) - Na afloop van de wedstrijd in Amsterdam bij de Gaasperplas zagen velen dat er een groepje schoolslagzwemmers bleef zitten en praten. Dit was de go-no-go vergadering van de schoolslagpromotietour. 

Channel Team Wassenaar zwemt met succes de Kanaal-dubbel (verslag met fotos)

2014-09-05 - Voorburg - 31 augustus arriveerde het team in Dover nadat teamgenoot Christian, die solo wilde zwemmen, niet de goede gelegenheid had gekregen. Hij is huiswaarts gekeerd. De ferry met het estafetteteam moet hem midden op Het Kanaal gepasseerd zijn.

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