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Ierse zee - North Channel

Interesting for sea swimmers

Careful now! This is your easy Jellyfish Identification Guide

It’s that time of the year when the warmer waters around our coast see a huge rise in jellyfish activity.

Moon, Barrel and Compass jellyfish are among the more common species that are have been spotted in large numbers. Some more newsworthy jellyfish, like the dangerous Lion’s mane, will be making their annual summer time appearances along the coast as well, and with them a mild hysteria typically follows.

Living every stroke

Dean Summers completes yet another epic swim dedicated to seafarers

Ian Ackerman
October 18, 2017

ITF’s man in Australia Dean Summers has become the 51st person to swim the North Channel from Northern Ireland to Scotland.

About Ryan Stamrood's North Channel swim 2017

"Life is filled with certain obligations and responsibilities, but none more basic, primal or important than the responsibilities that we have to ourselves and each other"

The North Channel has played with many emotions over the years and Tuesday was no different. Ryan Stramrood made his call to take on his NC swim. There are always questions about the perfect day but there is equal stress for swimmers to make a decision or to risk the wait when flights are booked to leave and the wind we have been having this season.
Last min call and we were gone up the long 7 hr journey from SW to NE Ireland.

Press release Double North Channel

Official press release @ FB
2 way North Irish channel attempt Dr Caroline Block 4th - 5th August 2017

'If you don't go when your gone you can't get'

Having planned a 2-way crossing on completion of her North Irish channel one way solo on 6th August 2016 Caroline arrived in Ireland mid July, 2017 ready to go one year to the day.

Sights set on elite company

Denmark local Steve Junk hopes to become the first Australian to complete the infamous Oceans Seven circuit when he attempts to complete the North Channel swim later this year.

The Oceans Seven comprises seven of the world’s major open-water channels and totals more than 200km in distance.

Mr Junk began open-water swimming in 1999 and in 2005 decided to swim the Strait of Gibraltar.

“I just did it because it was something on the map and I thought that sounds pretty cool to swim between Europe and Africa,” he said.

“So I just did it and then it’s gradually sort of taken over and I’ve done another one and then another one.”

Celtic Channel | Male Record | Yee Haaaaa

Red ChannelChallenge.nl: Eigenlijk een beetje jammer. Milko is zijn wereldrecord op het Noord Kanaal kwijt. Dat is de sport! Waar er verbeterd kan worden zal dat ook t.z.t. gebeuren....
Dit blijft een geweldige prestatie!

The Celtic Channel, as I call it, is better known as the Irish or North Channel. It is the body of water separating the two very proud Celtic nations of Irish and the Scots. The straight line distance from Donaghadee to Poartpatrick is 34k. Most swimmers go much further than this. It is widely regarded as the most difficult of the Oceans 7 swims. Being further north than the more well known English Channel, the water is colder (12-14 degs C) with strong currents and, of course, the infamous Lions Mane jellyfish. The weather patterns are less predictable than the English Channel, which can lead to less swimmable days during a neap tide.