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A very good video on Hypothermia > too long in water that is too cold

This is presented by The South End Rowing Club in San Francisco - where the water never really gets warm.

A few comments:

  1. If you are worried about someone never ask if they are OK. Ask their full name...if they can't do it quickly without slurring - they are in trouble GET THEM OUT.
  2. She talks about sleeping overnight in just your togs at 50F (that is 10C) versus being wet at 50F.
  3. The core is pretty much the same for most adults...the taller you are the colder your hands/feet.
  4. This all assumes they you are SWIMMING. You get colder= much faster in the water if you are neck deep, standing/swimming slowly and say chatting. Swimming increases heat rate and pumps warm blood around. You also get colder if you are ill, tired, dehydrated or hung over - stay out!
  5. Hypothermia is NOT about distance swum - it is about time in the water. At Sandycove Island and lap can take twice as long in colder, rougher water with adverse currents. As you drive in look at corner 2 and once parked look at corner 1 and texture of the water inside the island.
  6. Each degree in the water is critical. The difference between 11C and 9C is massive....and then down to 8C even more dramatic. Judge (or measure the water temperature when you start).
  7. Get routine about placing stuff in the same place in the order you plan to use: towels, wool cap, warm shit, warm track suit bottom, dry-robe, socks (try "peds" to get your feet covered quickly), shoes/fuzzy boots and mittens. Pouring a quantity of hot water over you when you get to your car will feel great - BUT your after drop will happen immediately - use 20C water instead if you must rinse.
  8. A bowl of hot oat 90 minutes before swimming and a hot drink 30 minutes before swimming never hurt!
  9. There is no shame in sitting in the car for 10 minutes (once dry/clothed) with the heater on - even better if you have a flash with a hot drink (hint if you can't pour it into a cup of drink 1/2 cup without spilling it all - you are in trouble. Driving before you are ready isn't smart. If you feel terrible ask someone to sit with you or sit in their car.
On the positive side - there are a lot of positive health benefits to swimming in the cold.
If (after COVID) you are headed to San Francisco, rhe club does 1 day memberships (I think less than $10) and you can arrange a private Alcatraz swim (just a bit further than a Sandycove lap).