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International SOS has succesful training camp in Dover

Wassenaar - 2019-06-26 - Last weekend the international team of International SOS went to Dover with me to have a training camp. The aims were to get to know oneanother, to train, to qualify under CS&PF relay rules and to have a night swim!

The team arrived at the hotel in St Maragets at Cliff on Thursday Julne 20th. The White Cliffs Hotel is only a few miles from Dover.

In the afternoon the team had their first dip in the harbor to get used to the temparatures there. It was about 14,5C. For some OK, for others a bit fresh.

The next day I organi\zed a two hour training. Asked them to use part of the course the Channel Swimming trainings in Dover use. Because 4 of the team of 5 actually stayed in the water (and swam) for two hours they immediately qualified. One did not stay in more than an hour and had to use the planned qualification swim on Saturday and was sucsessful at that time.

On Friday we had a call from our pilot Simon Ellis that we could board his new pilot vessel "High Hopes" to have a night swim at 11 in the evening. Het very kindly re-expleined the procedures on board and the relay change-over-rules to the team. We sailed towards Folkstone and turned to swim with the tide towards Dover. High Hopes is quite a bit larger than Seafarer II he used when he piloted ECSC. I was impressed by the work put in the vessel and the electronics aboard. The possible comfort is huge in comparison to hes previous vessel.

Below some pictures taken during the camp.