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Wetsuit vs. Non-Wetsuit Swimming

While wetsuits are not essential, the majority of swimmers do use them as they do provide a huge benefit by providing buoyancy in the water. Swimming specific wetsuits are quite different to surf wetsuits so if you are going to use one, but don’t own one, I would sooner hire a swimming wetsuit than purchase a surf wetsuit.

Make sure you try the suit for sizing first and remember there are multiple levels of wetsuits to suit swimmers abilities and budget.

If you choose to do the event without a wetsuit and have had little open water experience, or haven’t familiarised yourself with the water temperature for your expected duration of time to complete the swim, then I would recommend doing this before you take on the swim.

There are many areas of the stroke that you may need to adjust, and I am just going to touch on a few key ones when comparing Wetsuit vs Non Wetsuit Swimming.

  • Kick
  • Buoyancy – Body Position
  • Core – Body Position
  • Arm Recovery

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