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Meer over schepen en trackers

Uit een mail van Michel Oram aan de Channel Swimming discussion group

www.ais-doverstraits.co.uk is a site I have set up and has out local AIS coverage of the channel as well as the possibility of viewing general shipping world wide. It uses Goggle maps for easy and flexible viewing. It also has the public links to the satellite trackers on Gallivant - Sea Satin & Anastasia.
This site has a feed to it from www.ais-marinetraffic.com We work with marinetraffic and feed it information from our AIS station at Ramsgate to them rather than use our own restricted receiving area site. (Our "Shipplotter information is relayed on to the ais site every 2 minutes)

www.shipsais.com gives you a view of the channel area with a choice of local maps and stations.

http://saltdean-ais.co.uk is an interesting site and well worth a read if you want to understand more about AIS. It also has a link to Shipplotter.

www.shipplotter.com is an interesting site that we paid a registration fee (£25) to get full access. We use it in conjunction with and to run our local Ramsgate AIS station through.

AIS armatures are a bit like train spotters and they set up/use these sites to watch ship movements worldwide. You can see pictures of the vessels, plot voyages, know departure and arrival times etc. The problem is that the sites have to be turned on and working via a computer to allow the updates - often they are turned off when not being viewed by the owners as they take up internet connection time to work. Very few armature sites work 24 hours a day. Only a few of us use "Shipplotter" which runs in the background and can be left on all the time the computer is on (24hurs a day in our case).

It's a very sophisticated network that is also used by commercial companies. Unfortunately a lot of them do not plot AIS "B" transmissions. (You can filter out "B" type transmissions within the software).

"A" is compulsory for vessels over 300 tons.

"B" is for under 300 tons smaller and pleasure vessels it is not compulsory to fit.

We use the AIS (and the satellite trackers now) to follow our boats when they are out on school courses etc as well as Channel swims.