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ChannelChallenge presents challenges for 2018

In 2018 ChannelChallenge starts a new swim: The Windmill Challenge on the Rotte River (after which Rotterdam is named). ChannelChallenge continues it's swims accross Lake IJsselmeer.

With Sporttijden and HopaSports we started a collaboration to have the swims well administered. On HopaSports you can enter the swim and the financials are covered.

Two great swims

In The Netherlands we of course have the classic swim from Stavoren to Medemblik accross te IJsselmeer (22km). ChannelChallenge offers the swim in the same way as the race is swum: next to a sailing boat with an experienced pilot. There are of course variants: we can start and/or finish elsewhere. The lake has it's challenges! You can also swim the distance multiple times. For the people in the lowlands this swim is the stepping stone to the English Channel!

The WindmillChallenge is a new swim for 2018. It passes 7 still functioning old type windmills and several locks (for shipping) to the polders below. You will experience swimming at sea level with the surrounding (mostly agricultural) land all below sea level! The swim is shorter than the IJsselmeer crossing and the sheltered water offers a good swim for intermediate marathon swimmers. The Windmill Challenge has a standard distance of 12,5km starting at the Berg en Broekse Verlaat and ends at the Molenviergang Zevenhuizen (4 staged windmills). The swim can be extended to 15km by going on towards Moerkapelle. Of course you can also return to the starting point and make it an even 25km!

Both swims are for solo swimmers, pods (equal quality swimmers!) and relays. Freestyle and breaststroke. You can swim in neoprane and "bioprane".


At the end of each season the rankings of the season are made up. These will next be added to previous years including the swims organized by DES the last 48 years. All other properly observed swims are ranked.

Each observed swim wil receive a certificate for each swimmer with the names of each in the swim participating swimmer and coach. Next to that the certificate states time, pilot, ship and the observer 

The swims are under rules of MSF (no wetsuits, we permit wetsuits are a separate category). Beware: this also applies for wetsuits approved by FINA.


ChannelChallenge stages open water swimming clinics in fresh and in sea water. All clinics have an instruction on safety first. The SaferSwimmer is compulsory. There is also a theoretical part that informs you about keeping course, (race) tactics in open water and training in open water. After the theory it is time to swim! We swim in duo's that need to stay together for safety. Sign up your own buddy to be sure the other is not too fast or slow for you!

More information and signing up:

Sorry the language is in our main language (Dutch) feel free to contact us when you cannot deceipher it...

For all on HopaSports mentioned dates you may be pleased to know thes are certainly not fixed. You can suggest other dates.We have may dates available but it would be difficult to post all dates.  

Have a great time!

Richard Broer