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Endurance swimming star Adam Walker's 'Man VS Ocean' book released

Picking up a new hobby after watching a movie on an aeroplane may seem fairly normal to most people – but when that new hobby involves swimming the English Channel followed by some of the most dangerous straits of water known to man, it begins to sound less conventional!  

Adam Walker did exactly that, and eventually his accomplishments in swimming allowed him to turn his passion into a career as a

How an 11-year-old came to swim the Channel

At the age of 11, Tom Gregory became the youngest person ever to swim the English Channel, driven on by an extraordinary coach. It's a little-heralded feat of endurance that won't be bettered.

It was 05:00 on 6 September 1988 and Tom Gregory stood on the tip of France. Behind him was his coach, John Bullet. In front of him was the vast, black, English Channel. Tom, in swimming trunks, faced the water. Out there, somewhere, was home.

Aspire celebrates seven years of open water swimming

Source: Aspire.

On Saturday 14th November 2015, Aspire held its annual Swimming Celebration Dinner at the Hilton in Watford to thank and celebrate the amazing fundraisers who have swum for the charity over the years.

Yuta Tsuboi: First Japanese Man To Earn Open Water Triple Crown

“The first open water race I ever participated in was a one-mile swim at Point Lookout on Long Island and I’ve been hooked on open water swimming since,” Yuta Tsuboi said.

Tsuboi has recently become the first Japanese man to receive the honors of the Open Water Triple Crown title presented by the World Open Water Swimming Association (WOWSA). He is one of only 199 men to earn this honor and is inducted into the WOWSA Hall of Fame.

Dan Simonelli Achieves Catalina Crossing in January

Finished 89 years (and 12-hours) after George Young's historic 1927 swim

From the CCSFNewsletter.

Congratulations to Dan Simonelli, who completed a rare feat of crossing the Catalina Channel in January. 

Only two other swimmers completed a swim in January: George Young as the 1927 winner of the Wrigley Ocean Marathon Race. Two weeks later, Henry Sullivan became the second swimmer to cross the Catalina Channel. Sullivan,of Boston, was the first American to swim the English Channel.

Wereld Kampioen op de 1 KM komt naar het Lotec ONK ijszwemmen

bron: openwaterswimming.club

26 januari 2016 - Aanstaande zondag neemt Christof Wandratsch deel aan het Lotec ONK ijszwemmen. Christof is op dit moment de wereld kampioen op deze afstand. Zijn tijd van 14.06 is gegeven de omstandigheden indrukwekkend.

Kanaalzwemmen in 1950

Na een tip van Bryan Finlay vond ik deze film op youtube over het Kanaalzwemmen in 1950. Het betreft de Butlins race. In die tijd was er jaarlijks een wedstrijd wie het eerste over het kanaal kon zwemmen. De start was in Frankrijk.

How this 64-year-old lawyer broke a world record swimming the English Channel

In the half-light of an early September morning, Jim Clifford was conspicuous on the rear deck of Anastasia as the 42-foot cruiser idled off Dover’s Shakespeare Beach Five of us fought the chill air with wool caps, hoodies and multiple layers. Jim wore Speedo trunks, a latex swimming cap festooned with shamrocks, and some home-blended goop to prevent chafing of his neck and armpits from the 40,000 overhand strokes it would take to swim the 21 miles across the English Channel. Despite a summer of grueling cold-water swims to prepare, Jim hesitated when it was time to jump in the cold water.

How to Build Tolerance for a ‘Cold Water’ Swim

RB: Once in a while someone with the experience gives good advice! Ryan Stamrood is a multiple Ice Mile swimmer.

So how does one prepare for and build tolerance for a ‘cold water’ swim, an ‘extreme cold swim’ or even an ‘ice swim’?

At the outset I must note that I have no distance triathlon experience. The donning of a wetsuit for the swim leg will make a massive difference to, inter alia, cold tolerance and will dramatically reduce (but not eliminate) the need to for cold preparation. I have never worn a wetsuit for any swim, strictly following FINA’s dress code rules as mentioned above. So the tips that follow are geared towards those with an interest in cold water distance swimming in its ‘naked’ form and who are possibly going to be preparing for their first real distance swim challenge.

Survivor gives lessons learned from shark attack in Lanikai

As a triathlete and regular swimmer, it is easy to forget that open water swimming can have unexpected dangers.

Being a member of a swim club has its advantages when it comes to safety. For example, a local Kailua club regularly swims two routes, either around Popoia (flat) island from Kailua Beach or to the Mokulua (Moks) Islands from Lanikai Beach. They always have two kayakers watching the group, ready to respond in case of an emergency.

My Saturday mostly started like previous weekend mornings: a morning swim followed by some other activity, such as biking, hiking or running. However, this morning I chose to not swim with the swim club like I normally do and stayed back to wait for my friend.