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Howard James swam the English Channel… at night

Fewer people have swum the English Channel than have climbed Mount Everest. In 2016, Howard James completed the swim not once but twice, and both times in nearly freezing water.

At 1am he stepped into the water and began his long swim from England to France, but it was just another step in a longer and more painful journey for James and his wife Esmari: in 2015 they lost their baby daughter, and part of the reason for James's two records was to raise funds for the charity they set up in memory of their daughter, The Alexa Trust.

NLDelta Biesbosch-Haringvliet door jury verkozen tot mooiste natuurgebied van Nederland

NLDelta Biesbosch-Haringvliet heeft de publieksverkiezing voor het mooiste natuurgebied van Nederland gewonnen. De vakjury heeft NLDelta Biesbosch-Haringvliet de wildcard gegeven. De andere drie winnende gebieden zijn Nationale Park Hollandse Duinen, de Veluwe en het Waddengebied. Dat heeft het ministerie van EZ vandaag bekend gemaakt bij De Wereld Draait Door.

Breaking the ice

A pool in a frozen lake. Zero-degree water. With only Speedos for protection. Welcome to the new extreme sport of ice swimming. For those brave enough to take the plunge, it’s as life-affirming as it is brutal.

Brad Snyder, who lost his sight while serving his country, conquers treacherous Alcatraz swim

One, two, three, four …

Brad Snyder managed to block out every next thought, every painful memory, every unwritten plan, and remain focused on the revolving numbers in his head.

24, 25, 26, 27 …

With every long, powerful stroke — the thrusts he learned as a child growing up in Florida, polished as captain of the Naval Academy’s swim team, and brought back to life while winning five gold medals at the last two Paralympics — Snyder kept his mind concentrated on pulling his body to a shoreline he’d never see.

The Tools Of A Transpacific Stage Swim

When Benoît Lecomte swim 5,500 miles from Tokyo to San Francisco across the Pacific Ocean during The Longest Swim, he will use a variety of equipment.

His maritime science project will be anchored by a support team and researchers who will study the Plastiphere, as they try to answer the question, "How does the Great Plastic Garbage Patch affect life in the ocean and on land?"

Swim across the Pacific? This man vows to make the 5,500-mile ocean voyage

A Texas man will attempt to become the first person to swim across the Pacific Ocean next year, after almost five years of setbacks.

Benoit Lecomte, 49, revealed his intentions at the University of Texas at Austin on Thursday. He says he will set off from Tokyo in April 2017 and – conditions and sharks willing – arrive in San Francisco five to six months later. He hopes the swim will raise awareness of environmental issues.

Olympiërs zwemmen van Biesbosch naar Haringvliet

Olympisch zwemkampioenen Maarten van der Weijden (Peking 2008) en Ferry Weertman (Rio 2016) zwemmen vrijdag 14 oktober, samen met andere getrainde openwaterzwemmers, van de Biesbosch naar Haringvliet.

Romford swimmer completes Herculean 69km Lake Geneva stretch after spending just under 33 hours in the water

A 37-year-old dad has become only the fifth person to ever swim Lake Geneva after spending just under 33 hours in some of the most challenging conditions.

Dr Nick Murch, of Stapleford Abbotts, says he is “broken” after completing the gruelling 69km swim in Switzerland last week.

He is only the second person from the UK to finish the mammoth task after finishing in 32 hours 46 minutes and 33 seconds.

The Bible of Cold Water Swimming – Index

Cold water swimming is difficult and requires repetition.These articles are intended to help swimmers adapt to cold water swimming.  By exploring the many aspects of cold, environmental, physiological and psychological, I hope to help you understand cold and cold water swimming and therefore become a safer, better and more confident cold water swimmer.

It is really important to note that most of us are not naturally good at tolerating cold. (I certainly am not). Cold should be seen as something you train for, the same as any other aspect of your swimming.

This page is an index of my cold articles with a very brief explanation of the article so you can scan the entire list for what is most relevant.

It is the cumulative total of these articles that has led to other people’s repeated description of Loneswimmer.com as “the bible of cold water swimming“.

Zwemestafette groot succes!

Afgelopen vrijdag zwommen twaalf topzwemmers waaronder Olympisch kampioenen Maarten van der Weijden en Ferry Weertman van het Biesbosch MuseumEiland in Werkendam naar de vestingstad Hellevoetsluis aan het Haringvliet. Met ruim 50 km en 12 uur zwemmen betuigden zij hun steun aan NLDelta Biesbosch-Haringvliet als mooiste natuur gebied van Nederland.