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How to Build Tolerance for a ‘Cold Water’ Swim

RB: Once in a while someone with the experience gives good advice! Ryan Stamrood is a multiple Ice Mile swimmer.

So how does one prepare for and build tolerance for a ‘cold water’ swim, an ‘extreme cold swim’ or even an ‘ice swim’?

At the outset I must note that I have no distance triathlon experience. The donning of a wetsuit for the swim leg will make a massive difference to, inter alia, cold tolerance and will dramatically reduce (but not eliminate) the need to for cold preparation. I have never worn a wetsuit for any swim, strictly following FINA’s dress code rules as mentioned above. So the tips that follow are geared towards those with an interest in cold water distance swimming in its ‘naked’ form and who are possibly going to be preparing for their first real distance swim challenge.

Survivor gives lessons learned from shark attack in Lanikai

As a triathlete and regular swimmer, it is easy to forget that open water swimming can have unexpected dangers.

Being a member of a swim club has its advantages when it comes to safety. For example, a local Kailua club regularly swims two routes, either around Popoia (flat) island from Kailua Beach or to the Mokulua (Moks) Islands from Lanikai Beach. They always have two kayakers watching the group, ready to respond in case of an emergency.

My Saturday mostly started like previous weekend mornings: a morning swim followed by some other activity, such as biking, hiking or running. However, this morning I chose to not swim with the swim club like I normally do and stayed back to wait for my friend.

A mighty Girl

Gertrude Ederle -- who as a 19-year-old became the first woman to successfully swim the English Channel and set a new world record for the fastest swim -- was born in 1905. Growing up in New York City, Ederle began her training as a competitive swimmer at the time when women's swimming was becoming increasingly popular, in part due to the streamlining of the women's swimsuit which made swimming easier.

Lake Geneva – an epic swim with literary credentials/October 27, 2015

From the blog of my former Plons teammate Chrispin Thorold:

One of the most notable marathon swims of this year’s season, was also one of the most evocative. It took accomplished American swimmer, Jaimie Monahan, close to 33 hours to swim Lake Geneva from tip-to-tip. 

Starting from the historic Château de Chillon in the East, Monahan swam more than 69kms (43 miles) to the city of Geneva where she landed in the shadow of the world-famous Jet d'Eau fountain.  En route she passed through some of the most beautiful scenery in Europe, swimming in freshwater that is crystal clear, indeed it is so clean that Monahan says “you can drink it”.

5 Reasons why you Need Wild Swimming in your Life!

Posted by Robbie Wild Hudson on 28/10/2015 in Wild Swimming.

Go your own way

Wild Swimming is versatile and easy to align with your personal motivations and fitness levels. This is one of its major attractions. Whether you decide to embark on a two-minute dip in a local lake, an ice mile or an epic sea crossing between continents, it is always up to you to decide.

Hoe Dèlenn van Oostrom op het IJsselmeer won

2015-08-08 - Medemblik - voorafgaande aan de Lektocht werd ik door George Siverding benaderd met de vraag of ik iemand wilde begeleiden op het IJsselmeer. Zonder reservering zei ik ja. ik werd vervolgens aan Dèlen van Oostrom geïntroduceerd. Dèlenn kende ik uiteraard van naam en ik wist ook wie het was. We hadden echer nooit met elkaar samengewerkt of zelfs gesproken. Ach we waren toch "vrienden" op Facebook? Ja, ja, vanuit mijn rol in het open water zwemmen ben ik met meer mensen verbonden op facebook en linkedin. Uiteraard wist ik wel over wie we het hadden.

New Amsterdam City Swim

Hi Richard,

Langs deze weg willen wij je graag bedanken voor de enthousiaste trainingen. We waren goed voorbereid voor onze swim!

In totaal hebben wij met alle zwemmers bijna $ 450.000,- opgehaald voor het project MinE: een DNA onderzoek om een oorzaak en remedie te vinden voor ALS.

100x100 in Beverwijk een succes

Op 16 november was de door Marcel Stroet georganiseerde 100x100 training in Beverwijk. We werden daar in het aangepaste sportfondsenbad gastvrij door het personeel ontvangen. Na het afrekenen van de entreegelden kregen we ter gelegenheid van het 50-jarige bestaan ook nog een bidon en een consumptiebon voor iets lekkers na de training.

Ned's IJsselmeer oversteek

zondag, 10 augustus, 2014 (Hele dag)

Medemblik 09 augustus - Voor morgen een schipper, coach and crew geregeld, zodat Ned toch het IJsselmeer kan oversteken.

Helaas ben ik zelf verhinderd.

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Coach voor Ned Denison

zaterdag, 9 augustus, 2014 (Hele dag)

Tijdens de IJsselmeer marathon zal ik fungeren als coach van de Ier Ned Denison.