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Watch Brenda Fisher swim the English Channel in 1951

The Grimsby trawler's daughter not only swam the English Channel in 1951 but also smashed the time set a year earlier by another female swimmer

In August 1951, Brenda Fisher swam the English Channel - breaking the women's world record time for the tremendous endeavour.

The 23-year-old daughter of a Grimsby trawler skipper, completed the distance between France and England in a new record women's time of 12 hours 42 minutes; breaking the previous women's record of 13 hours 20 minutes, set by Florence Chadwick in 1950.

'I prepared not to come back': the woman who finished the world's hardest swim

Kim Chambers started swimming after a life-changing accident. Just a few years later, she became the first woman to take on a notorious stretch of shark-inhabited waters.

Under a black sky in August 2015, Kim Chambers boarded a boat and headed out beneath the Golden Gate Bridge. She took a support team that included her mother, a film crew, and her swimming coach. Their destination was the Farallon Islands, a remote outcrop about 30 miles off the coast of San Francisco.

Once there, Chambers would attempt something no woman had ever done: an unbroken, solo swim from the islands back under the Golden Gate. With the area’s icy waters, strong winds, heavy swells and one of the largest concentrations of great white sharks, it’s been called the toughest swim in the world.

How to Swim for 67 Hours Straight

Sarah Thomas swam 104 miles last month in Lake Champlain. Here’s how.

It was Aug. 7 when Sarah Thomas, 35, of Conifer, Colorado, calmly walked down a slick, concrete boat ramp at Rouse's Point – the last stop in the United States at the northern end of Lake Champlain on the New York and Vermont borders. She was ready for the daunting challenge that lay ahead. The accomplished marathon swimmer was beginning a journey that would take her a little over 52 miles south to Gardiner Island and then back to her starting point: all at once, without stopping, without sleep, without a wetsuit and without touching another person or her support boat the entire time. She achieved this 104.6-mile swim – dubbed a "century swim" because it was over 100 miles – in 67 hours and 16 minutes to notch a new world record for longest current-neutral swim. (Current-neutral means she didn't have assistance from currents in the water.)

Living every stroke

Dean Summers completes yet another epic swim dedicated to seafarers

Ian Ackerman
October 18, 2017

ITF’s man in Australia Dean Summers has become the 51st person to swim the North Channel from Northern Ireland to Scotland.

Channel Challenge presenteert plan voor Rotte Challenge

2017-10-07 - Voorburg - Morgen is er een bijeenkomst in De Roerdomp aan de Rottemeren om te praten met gebruikers van de Rotte over nieuwe plannen om promotie te maken voor de Rottemeren. Daar zal ChannelChallenge samen met 010 Swim Experience een plan presenteren voor een mooie zwemtocht van 12,5km langs de molens, de sluizen en rietkragen van de Rotte.

De tocht zal als zelfstandige solo kunnen, solo in pods en als estafette voor de wat minder geoefende zwemmers. Daarnaast is er een plan voor een etappewedstrijd in de rivier en meren van de Rotte.

Woman from Conifer breaks her own record by completing 104-mile, non-stop swim

In 67 hours and 16 minutes, Sarah Thomas, from Conifer, finished a 104-mile swim and broke her own record.

Sarah Thomas, from Conifer, finished a 104-mile swim and broke her own record.

Thomas slowly hobbled out of Lake Champlain, which is between New York and Vermont, around 3:30 a.m. local time, and 1:30 a.m. in Denver - about five hours ahead of schedule.

She promptly sat down for the first time since Monday, when she began her nonstop swim.

Douglas Waymark named as athlete who died swimming Channel

Tuesday 8 August 2017 15.52 BST - A man who died while attempting to swim the Channel has been named as endurance athlete Douglas Waymark.

Waymark, who had previously reached the summit of Mount Everest, was taking part in the near-300-mile Enduroman Arch to Arc triathlon when he got into difficulty on Monday night.

His sister, Jo Ikel, wrote on Facebook: “Douglas Waymark has not completed his Channel swim. Last night he felt he could no longer continue his quest and swam to the boat supporting him. He passed out and was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Ashford. At around midnight, he sadly died. We are all devastated but take comfort in him doing what he loved best to the very end.”

About Ryan Stamrood's North Channel swim 2017

"Life is filled with certain obligations and responsibilities, but none more basic, primal or important than the responsibilities that we have to ourselves and each other"

The North Channel has played with many emotions over the years and Tuesday was no different. Ryan Stramrood made his call to take on his NC swim. There are always questions about the perfect day but there is equal stress for swimmers to make a decision or to risk the wait when flights are booked to leave and the wind we have been having this season.
Last min call and we were gone up the long 7 hr journey from SW to NE Ireland.

Remco Berendsen zwemt het IJsselmeer

2017-08-22 - Medemblik. Remco komt aan om 8 uur bij de Rolling Stone van Miloe in de Haven van Medemblik. Hij lijkt gespannen en heeft er zin in. we overleggen over wat hij nodig heeft onderweg aan informatie en over de voeding. Daarnaast besluiten we tegen de wind in te gaan omdat het maar zo weinig is. Remco wil ervaring opdoen in de golven. De golven zijn gezien de wind: 3 Bft en afnemend wel erg gering. Hij slaagt erg goed in het bereiken van het doel: Stavoren. Een constant slagtempo en een versnelling aan het einde voorspelt dat hij klaar is voor langere afstanden. Op naar de Haarlemmermeer ringvaart!

Met Irene en Miloe over het IJsselmeer

Op 12 augustus was de IJsselmeerzwemmarathon. Altijd het summum van Marathonzwemmen in Nederland. Helaas vaak de enige marathon op de wedstrijdkalender. Daar ik twee estafettes over het IJsselmeer had voor Zwemanalyse op de twee dagen na de marathon, leek het me goed om alvast "aan de overkant" te zijn op vrijdagavond. Ik had nog niet meegemaakt hoe het is om bij de schippers van de marathon te verzamelen de avond voor de grote wedstrijd.