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Your body’s amazing reaction to water

Writer James Nestor explores the science of the “mammalian dive reflex,” the phenomenon by which water triggers an immediate decrease in heart rate.

In 1949, a stocky Italian air force lieutenant named Raimondo Bucher decided to try a potentially deadly stunt off the coast of Capri, Italy. Bucher would sail out to the center of the lake, take a breath and hold it, and free-dive down one hundred feet to the bottom. Waiting there would be a man in a diving suit. Bucher would hand the diver a package, then kick back up to the surface. If he completed the dive, he’d win a fifty-thousand-lira bet; if he didn’t, he would drown.

Survivor gives lessons learned from shark attack in Lanikai

As a triathlete and regular swimmer, it is easy to forget that open water swimming can have unexpected dangers.

Being a member of a swim club has its advantages when it comes to safety. For example, a local Kailua club regularly swims two routes, either around Popoia (flat) island from Kailua Beach or to the Mokulua (Moks) Islands from Lanikai Beach. They always have two kayakers watching the group, ready to respond in case of an emergency.

My Saturday mostly started like previous weekend mornings: a morning swim followed by some other activity, such as biking, hiking or running. However, this morning I chose to not swim with the swim club like I normally do and stayed back to wait for my friend.

5 Reasons why you Need Wild Swimming in your Life!

Posted by Robbie Wild Hudson on 28/10/2015 in Wild Swimming.

Go your own way

Wild Swimming is versatile and easy to align with your personal motivations and fitness levels. This is one of its major attractions. Whether you decide to embark on a two-minute dip in a local lake, an ice mile or an epic sea crossing between continents, it is always up to you to decide.

Cijfers Kanaalzwemmen 2015

Het 2015 Kanaal seizoen is beëindigd en allerlei interessante statistieken kunnen eruit afgeleid worden.


English Channel Swim - Why don't they swim in a straight line?

A visualisation to show the effects of the Dover Straight sea currents on the path of a 15 hour English Channel Solo Swim.

Why swimming may be the best exercise as you age

On the website of the Washington Post I found this interesting article. Is this news to us open water swimmers?

Falling down and getting hurt is a big problem for older adults, and researchers think that physical activity may lower people’s risk of falls. But now, a new study suggests that the only type of exercise that lowers older adults’ risk of falls is swimming.

Breathing and Buoyancy in Open Water Swimming

A better way to combat sinking legs syndrome

By Erica Smith | October 18, 2013 >>> full original post @ US Masterswimming here <<<

Michael Oram on 2 and 6 hour swims

One 2 hour swim is not really the idea, you and your team should be building up to and then doing 2 hours on a regular basis right up to your swim date. (I am presuming you are talking relay team swims.)

Tips and Bits for your Channel Swim – by Cliff Golding

In no particular order…………

(Updated March 2014)


Navigation in open water swimming

Can you swim in the right direction when there is no line painted on the bottom? The best thing to do is to look up every few strokes. Practice in a pool. Try lifting your head up and looking at the end of your lane. Lift your head at different times during your stroke and see what feels most comfortable. With that accomplished, you have tackled the most important part of navigation in open water. That is really all you need to be able to do, although there are refinements to help you speed up and make it easier.