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RTL4, Editie NL: Het Kanaal geen zwembad

De scheepvaart is het groeiend aantal Kanaalzwemmers beu. Steeds meer mensen proberen de ruim 30 kilometer tussen Frankrijk en Engeland zwemmend te overbruggen. Alleen de afgelopen maanden al probeerden 266 zwemmers het kanaal over te steken, waaronder ook veel Nederlanders. Terwijl er dagelijks ook zo'n 600 schepen door het Kanaal varen.

How Far Could A Human Swim?

The original article is posted by Steven Munatones on The Daily News of Open Water Swimming since Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Michael Oram advises: Relay team swim positions

The following is a copy of correspondence on the google channel swimming discussion website. Used with permission.

The answer to how to deceide on the order of swimming in a team is either a short or a long one and debateable one that will no doubt be questioned by many. This answer is given from my point of view as a pilot with the parameters I think you should be looking at.

Tips and bits for your Channel Swim - by Cliff Golding

Tips in no particular order…………

Reglement voor estafettes (van de CS&PF website)


Relay team leaders are responsible for sorting out the team’s paperwork and confirming the 2 hour ratified swims . Team name and team leader MUST be clearly stated on ALL correspondence. Where possible all paperwork must come via the team leader.

Relay swims will be divided into the same categories as solo swims - Standard, Special, Assisted. Any alteration from a standard crossing must be agreed by the federation before the start of the swim.

Urination in Open Water

Open water swimmers hydrate before getting in the water. Then, they continue to hydrate while they are in the water, whether it is in training, during a race or in the middle of a solo swim. Like many young swimmers in a pool, Open water swimmers often feel the need to relieve themselves.

Physiologically, it is natural to feel the need to relieve ourselves in the water for a variety of reasons: a full bladder, warm water or the excitement of the challenge.

Now You Know! - It's The Sand

Posted on Daily News of Open Water Swimming by Steven Munatones on Friday, January 8, 2010 - Captain Tim Johnson, author of the History of Open-Water Marathon Swimming explains why it feel warmer in the shallow water, "Because of the shallow depth, the sun's rays penetrate the water and heat up the sand below so you have the surface water being heated by reflection and by accumulated heat from below."

Motion Sickness tips

Swimming spring tides: an explanation by Micheal Oram

The following is a copy of correspondence on the google channel swimming discussion website. Used with permission.

There are 3 separate articals below in which I have tried to explain Chartwork and it's specific connection to different parts of a Channel swim.

Michael Oram explaines tides in the Channel

Used with permission - from e-mails exchanges on the google channel swimmers discussion group.

We have tides in the Channel - Neap tides & Spring tides