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The English Channel - Het Kanaal

23 things you probably didn't know about swimming across the English Channel

It was 90 years ago today that American swimmer Gertrude Ederle became the first woman to swim the English Channel.

It was her second attempt, after being pulled from the water the first time for “resting, floating face-down” a year earlier, and she became, at 19, the sixth person to swim the 21-and-a-bit miles between England and France.

When Ederle, who set off from Cap Gris Nez, arrived on the beach at Kingsdown, Kent, after choppy waters turned the usual 21 miles into about 35, she was greeted by a customs official who asked to see her passport. When she returned to New York she was met by a ticker-tape parade.

Hommage to Marilynn Bell

Torontonians will know of the name "Marilyn Bell" well as she was the first to swim the 32 miles of Lake Ontario on Sept 9 1954 (21 hours of swimming), the youngest person to swim the 21 miles of the English Channel on July 31 1955 (14.5 hours of swimming) and then the Strait of Juan de Fuca off the Pacific coast in 1956.

Van der Poel zwemt 36 km over zee

VEENENDAAL De afstand tussen Engeland en Frankrijk is over het water hemelsbreed 36 kilometer en als het aan Jan van der Poel ligt gaat hij die afstand zwemmend overbruggen. De droom was het startsein van zijn eigen 'make-over' en inmiddels ziet de Veenendaler geen terugweg meer.

ECSC zwemt Het Kanaal

vrijdag, 26 augustus, 2016 (Hele dag) tot dinsdag, 30 augustus, 2016 (Hele dag)

Team ECSC heeft van 26 tot en met 30 augustus een time slot bij Simon Ellis, loods voor CS&PF, om van Engeland (Dover) naar Frankrijk te zwemmen (hopelijk Cap Gris Nez). Het team zwemt ten bate van Metakids. Het team bestaat uit: 

Swim The Channel: the agonies and ecstasies of the ultimate open-water swim

Every weekend from May to September, several dozen scantily clad people gather on a pebble beach at Dover Harbour in Kent armed with flip-flops, fleeces, pots of protective grease and a very specific dream – to get in the water and train for the world’s most esteemed open water swim, the English Channel.

Michael Oram on nutrition during an EC relay

From a long standing point of view as a pilot - just do your normal thing with the foods you like and the foods your body will accept. You are going to be on a slow moving boat that could well be rocking and rolling. Some swimmers just choose not to eat at all. Things like milk and chocolate can be a problem, but they are nice to eat and comforting.

Promo BBC4 voor Kanaalzwemmen

Binnenkort op BBC4 een film over kanaalzwemmen met o.a. Kevin Murphy.

Marc makes a bid to swim Channel starting at....

THIS July, Marc Newman will be attempting to swim the English Channel and raise money for Julia's House children's hospice.

Thirty-one years ago he swam the English Channel for the first time. This year he planning to do it again at the end of July but he is going the long way round, starting from a different location, Dungeness.

As a result the crossing will be nearly 25 per cent longer than the traditional route, a distance of 26 miles.

How Marathon Swimmer Dan Simonelli Prepares for the English Channel

By Melissa Berkay, Swimming World College Intern

Swimming is an amazing sport. It challenges individuals to overcome obstacles, set short-term and long-term goals, be disciplined, develop time management skills, learn values of hard work and determination, and demonstrate the courage it takes to push your body to its limits. A topic consistently discussed in the sport of swimming is pool swimming. A step further into the realm of swimming that is not as exposed is open water marathon swimming. Marathon swimming is obtaining more media attention every year and the amount of swimmers who have stepped out of the pool and into the ocean for open water races has increased.

25 dingen die je herkent als je het Kanaal van Engeland naar Frankrijk wil overzwemmen voor het goede doel

Op 10 september 2016 is het zover! Dan zal Reinout Cloet (24) uit Roeselare een poging doen om het kanaal tussen Engeland en Frankrijk over te steken. Een huzarenstukje waarbij hij ook nog eens voor het goede doel Make-A-Wish geld wil inzamelen zodat zij nog veel meer kinderdromen in vervulling kunnen laten gaan.