Gangsta Grannies from Poole swim across the Channel

Two grandmothers from Poole, who dubbed themselves the Gangsta Grannies, are believed to be the first ever team of two to swim across the Channel - and back again.

Ali Budynkiewicz, 58, and Lisa North, 48, completed their return crossing from Dover to France in just over 31 hours.

They swum two-hour rotation shifts, in a bid to raise money for BCHA (Bournemouth Churches Housing Association) to help the charity support its Bournemouth Refuge.

How dangerous is lightning to swimmers?

The other day I was swimming at Shepperton lake when a storm blew in. I saw a flash on the horizon, turned to a nearby swimmer and asked: “was that lightning?”

“Well, I don’t think you got caught by a speed camera,” he replied.


As most of you will know, lightning is supposed to bad for swimmers. Like any responsible venue operator would, the staff at Shepperton evacuated the lake, but it still took me a few anxious minutes to get out, during which time I saw several more lightning strikes. I started trying to figure out the probability of lightning hitting me or the lake, and what the consequences might be if it did.

'Gangsta Grannies' complete double cross-channel swim

Two grandmothers successfully completed a 42-mile English Channel swim to France and back.

Ali Budynkiewicz, 58, and Lisa North, 48, known as the "Gangsta Grannies", entered the water at Samphire Hoe in Dover, Kent, at lunchtime on Wednesday.

One risk of swimming in the sea which few people know about

Large numbers of people love swimming in the sea, and feel perfectly safe doing so. Yet many of them don't realise just how easy it is to drown when you're having fun on the beach. Most of us assume that alcohol is to blame when tragedies of this kind occur. However, more often than not there is a different cause — rip currents.


A woman who recently fell just short of becoming the third person to swim between the Isles of Scilly and Land’s End has spoken about her attempt.

Vicky Miller set off on the 28-mile swim at around 4am on July 17, but was defeated by strong currents less than 2 miles from Land’s End after 17.5 hours in the water.

Vicky, who has previously swum the English channel and North Channel, wrote on social media: “Just over a month ago, I tried unsuccessfully to become the third person to swim the 28 miles between Scilly Isles and Land's End…

Guest post: Ned Denison on Essential Volunteering to support solo swims and swimmers (with added maths)

He is an International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame Inductee,  also a committee Member for Santa Barbara Channel Swim Association, Manhattan, the Lee swim, and In Search of Memphre, amongst other things, as he seems to like being on committees. He is also persistently confused by the difference between an email subject line and the body of an email text. It’s not unusual to get an entire illegible paragraph in the subject line.

Prepare for the EC!

from Big Rick's facebook

Want to swim the English Channel ? Here´s how to start!

The training has been done, the bags are packed, tomorrow I´ll drive to Dover to swim from England to France next week. Here´s a recap of 2 1/2 years of preparation...

CTW zwemt Meer van Genève - fotoreportage

Van dinsdag op woensdag 16 en 17 augustus is Channel Team Wassenaar er in geslaagd om een een recordtijd de lengte van Lac Léman (Meer van Genève te overbruggen. Het team deed de oversteek van Chateau de Chillon bij Villeneuve naar Het strand in Genève in 22 uur, 31 minuten en 02 seconde. De loods was Jacque van de Imagine, een 16 meter lang zeiljacht (Beneteau Oceanis 48). De overtocht werd waargenomen door de Lake Geneva Swimming Association.

Persbericht: Kanaalzwemovertocht door team ECSC voor Metakids en sportiviteit

Het aftellen is begonnen. Tussen 26 en 31 augustus gaat een team van zwemmers uit Vlaardingen en Schiedam de oversteek eindelijk maken. Twee jaar lang hebben ze zich kunnen voorbereiden. Vorig jaar waren ze er nog niet klaar voor en moesten ze de oversteek uitstellen. Dit jaar gaan ze wel. Het team bestaat uit: Wieteke van den Boogert, Jan van Buuren, Jeffrey Siemons, Helena Mels en Pierre Mellegers.

De oversteek gaan plaatsvinden tussen Dover en Frankrijk. Een tocht van hemelsbreed 34 km, maar het kan door stroming oplopen tot heel veel meer!

Voor de oversteek over het kanaal maakt ECSC gebruik van de deskundige begeleiding van een loods, Simon Ellis, en een coach, Richard Broer. Allen zijn gecertificeerd vanuit de Channel Swimming & Piloting Federation in Engeland om de uitdaging zo veilig mogelijk te laten verlopen.

Delènn van Oostrom 2e all in op IJsselmeerzwemmarathon

Gisteren met Dèlenn van Oostrom het IJsselmeer overgezwommen. Zij zwemmend, ik op de boot. De skuum met bemanning was goed en wat, aldus Jack Brakeboer, verwacht mag worden van "het neefje van Bart Bot"; scherp op de zwemmer, de koers en de wedstrijd. Top dus, en al helemaal voor de eerste keer!