Arctic swimmer Lewis Pugh: 'I've never come so close to the end'

Lewis Pugh undertook a perilous swim to raise awareness about the threat to the Arctic - he says it almost killed him.

By Lewis Pugh, Arctic Swimmer

Sky worked with Lewis Pugh during the filming of the Arctic Peril documentary. Mr Pugh swam one kilometre along the Arctic ice edge in water that was -0.7 degrees. Here, in his own words he explains how close he came to dying.

Celebrating Kathleen Thomas – first woman to swim the Bristol Channel

NINETY YEARS AGO TODAY, a scrappy lady named Kathleen Thomas became the first person to swim the Bristol Channel between Wales and England. She set off from Penarth at 4.15am, and the crossing took her 7 hours and 20 minutes. Although the distance is 11 miles, it’s actually calculated to be 22.5 once you factor in the brutal currents.

The joy of wild winter swimming

One brave swimmer is taking a dip a day throughout December in the rivers of Surrey and Berkshire, and finding ‘the nip of the water and the zing of a swim is quite addictive’

My toes sink into the mud at the edge of the river Mole at the bottom of Box Hill in Surrey. The water immediately cools my feet beyond feeling. I had hoped for a quirky swim here. Normally there are stepping stones that cross the river at this point, and I pictured myself skipping over them in my swimsuit. But the reality is quite different. After significant rain and snow melt, I should have known the river would be higher than usual. The spot – tranquil in all the photos I had looked at – was now a rushing, fast flowing river. And the colour of chocolate milkshake, rather than the clear water I’d pictured. Oh well, I have swum in worse.

The open-water swimmer

Even though water is definitely your element, do you find the lanes of a swimming pool a bit too claustrophobic? Do you like to lose yourself in the relentless rhythm of your arm strokes after having carefully studied the “route” to take? Well that means you are an open-water swimmer.

This kind of “ultra-endurance swimmer” is even tougher and stronger, if that is possible, than a long-distance swimmer in the pool. The kind of characteristics you need are not just physical but also, and I might say ABOVE ALL, tactical and cognitive.

Historical Cohb Crossings And Circumnavigations

Courtesy of Ned Denison, Cobh, Ireland.

In early 2005 Ned Denison had an idea of swimming around Cobh, located on the south coast of County Cork, Ireland.

"I had never swum a marathon of 10 km or more and was looking at possible training swims for my planned English Channel crossing that summer.

Back then, there were no easy-to-book marathon swims and swim camps. Today, English Channel aspirants can swim increasing longer distances in the 2-5 year run up their time, access huge amounts of online information, attend training camps, and learn from real local mentors."

Watertemperaturen wereldwijd

Op een subweb van de is een mooie weergave te vinden van de actuele watertemperaturen. Er wordt volgens de makers nog aan ontwikkeld. Ik zal de Nederlandse temperaturen van Rijkswaterstaat aan hen doorgeven als aanvulling.

Library Of Open Water Swimming Books

On the website of "The Daily News of Open Water Swimming" an extensive library is posted. It has a very long list of interesting books for open water and marathon swimmers.

Richard Broer turns a lifelong passion for swimming into support for Dutch Ice Swimmers

We'll be introducing you to leaders within the International Ice Swimming Association in the coming weeks. First up is IISA Netherlands Chair and IISA Board Member Richard Broer.

Richard Broer was born in The Hague but now lives in nearby Voorburg. Although Richard hasn’t yet completed an ice event himself, he’s well acquainted with the world of open water swimming. He began his open water swimming career in 1974, and by 1978, he’d ascended to the top of the heap. That year, he won the national open water swimming competition, and went on to represent Holland in swim meets across Europe. He was the second Dutchman to break 16 minutes in the 1500-meter freestyle, and he completed a solo crossing of the Strait of Gibraltar. He was also inducted into the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame’s 2017 Class of Honorees for his extensive efforts to promote marathon and open water swimming as an administrator, coach, and facilitator.

Persbericht: Eerste nachtvorst, Nederlandse ijszwemmers lopen warm voor wedstrijdseizoen

Excuses voor de late publicatie van dit bericht. Wel mooi op tijd vóór de Amstel Ice Swim.

Nederlandse IJszwembond (IISA Nederland) opgericht. 

Sinds 4 september 2017 heeft Nederland er een nieuwe sportbond bij. IISA-Nederland zal als Nederlandse tak van de International Ice Swimming Association (IISA) de sport ijszwemmen nationaal promoten. Bij het ijszwemmen wordt er gezwommen in watertemperaturen van 5 graden Celsius en kouder. IJszwemmen als sport is ontstaan in 2009 toen ........

‘Aggressive’ sea-lion attacks force officials to ban swimming at popular San Francisco cove

For San Francisco tourists, Aquatic Park Cove is one of the city’s most iconic areas, a popular spot to watch enormous sea lions and harbor seals frolicking in the water across from Ghirardelli Square.

For locals — or those who can brave the brisk waters, in any case — the cove is known as one of the best places for an open-water swim, especially favored by triathletes.