Daughter's appeal to solve missing trophy mystery - 50 years on

Helen Kaye-Wyatt, whose father Philip Kaye died in January, has only just discovered that a trophy was named in his honour to commemorate him swimming the English Channel in 1966.

She is now desperate to find out what happened to the trophy, which at one time may have been stored in a cabinet at the now-demolished Huddersfield Sports Centre.

Helen, who lives at Rastrick, has spoken to managers with Kirklees Active Leisure (KAL), which runs Huddersfield Leisure Centre, but has so far drawn a blank.

Post Ice Swim Recovery

There are many descriptions to recovery from an Ice Swim. Some will describe it as “out the body experience” a “bad trip” or “black rain”. In some ways, it is a very personal experience because it is a hard one and painful, we all deal with it physically but mostly mentally in our own way. For me personally, the possible hard recovery is always part of my swim and my planning. My swim ends when my recovery ends. When I push further in the ICE I take into consideration that I have to come back and it will be steeper.

Channel Tunnel Vision | We Spoke To Howard James About His Double Record-Breaking Channel Swim

"Get up. Swim. Eat pizza. Go to bed"

In 2016, driven by personal loss and a intrinsic need for a new water-bound challenge, endurance swimmer Howard James set out to achieve two new world records for the earliest and the latest English Channel swims. To complete them would place him among the greats of British open water swimmers and up the ante in the challenging arena of Channel swimming.

In an age where athletes make fortunes billboarding for marketeers and sports live streams are the new gladiator spectacle for thrill seeking screen-sloths the world of endurance swimming slips quietly by without recognition, its participants stoically paddling on in relative anonymity.

100x Cook Straight

Yesterday I completed the 100th swim across the Cook Strait in New Zealand. I would like to thank everyone who was there on the day, including Philip Rush and his team for their incredible support and guidance, and my coach Charmian Frend.

Zwemanalyse vormt 4 teams

De afgelopen winter is een clinic gehouden over het voorbereiden van een kanaaloversteek ten bate van Zwemanalyse. Daaruit zijn 16 zwemmers voortgekomen die zich bij Claudia en Roy hebben gemeld voor deelname aan het project. De trainingen zijn in handen van Roy, de administratieve kant in handen van Claudia en de inhoudelijke voorbereiding in handen van mij, Richard.

Dover Western Docks Revival Project: Potential Impact on Training

More information on the project can be found here.

We have hear from Dover Channel Training the following:

Herman Willemse - De Vrije Slag

Op de website van openwaterswimming.club vond ik een leuke reportage van de uitrijking van het eerste exemplaar van "Vrije Slag". Dit is de autobiografie van Heman Willemse. Edith van Dijk ontvangt een exemplaar en Hans van Goor vertelt over de KNZB-speld die Herman ontvangt (met de excuses van het bondsbestuur voor wat in het verleden gebeurd is).

Jan van Scheijndel - IJszwemmer "avant la lettre"?

Op de website van openwaterswimming.club vond ik een prachtige video van Jan van Schrijndel die bij 6 graden het meer van Te Werve induikt om zich voor te bereiden op zijn Kanaaloversteek.

Mooi video-verslag van Jan van Scheijndel op de eerste Stavoren-Medemblik

Op de website van openwaterswimming.club vond ik een fraie video-opname van Jan van Scheijndel bij zijn historische Staveren-Medemblik oversteek.