A wife’s perspective on living with a cold water obsessive swimmer…….

Firstly, you find wetsuits in your house……..everywhere. On the washing line, in the greenhouse, in the wardrobe and the shower cubicle. They are either dry or dripping or somewhere in between. When you want a shower you need to remove a wetsuit from the shower cubicle, which involves carrying one of the articles, normally dripping, from one afore-mentioned location to another.

100 x 100 in zwembad Hoornsevaart in Alkmaar

zondag, 27 november, 2016 - 13:00

De traditionele 100 x 100 van Marcel & Marcel (openwaterswimming.club) organiseren ze dit jaar op 27 november in Zwembad de Hoornsevaart in Alkmaar. Voor velen een mooi moment om vroeg in het seizoen zichzelf te testen.

We starten om 13.00 uur. De baanverdeling is  gebaseerd op starttijden van: 1.30; 1.40; 1.50 en 2.00 minuten. Als 100 x 100 nog iets te veel is, dan mag je uiteraard ook minder doen. Plezier en grenzen verleggen staan voorop. De interesse is groot dus zorg dat je er snel bij bent, want vol is vol!

Ex-police officer to swim from Senegal to Brazil in shark invisibility wetsuit

On Sunday morning, Ben Hooper will don a wetsuit specially designed to make him invisible to sharks, trot down a beach in Senegal and start to swim.

Hooper, a 38-year-old father and former police officer from Gloucestershire with a deceptively languid-looking front crawl, aims to keep swimming until he reaches Brazil in about four months’ time.

If he succeeds, he will have covered approximately 2,000 miles (3,220km) to be the first person to have swum the breadth of the Atlantic Ocean.

Dipping my toe into cold-water swimming

It's not for the faint-hearted (no, medically it isn't), but cold-water swimming can boost circulation, immunity and the libido. So: here begins my bid to make next year's world championships

I'm standing at the edge of the men's swimming pond at Hampstead Heath. And I can completely understand why I'm virtually alone. Just as you wouldn't find 4'33'' by John Cage on the karaoke machine, and in the same way that Marcel Duchamp's Fountain never featured among Athena's range of iconic posters, most people don't see the point of spending a drizzly autumn weekend lowering themselves into ponds.

The World Swimming Association: The Group That Would Replace FINA

FINA, the world governing body of aquatic sports and swimming, has come under fire in recent years, with some in the swimming community calling for the organization’s replacement. FINA, which has close ties with the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA), is responsible in whole or in part for the supervision of major international swimming and aquatics competitions.

Sometimes ‘Crazy’ Gets the Job Done

Two years ago when I launched a campaign to protect the Ross Sea in Antarctica, the Daily Telegraph called me crazy.

“Pugh is like a detective that has been given 24 hours before he gets taken off the case,” the paper said. Adding, “His idea is so crazy it might just work.”

The crazy idea was that I would undertake a series of swims in the sub-zero waters of the Ross Sea to highlight their importance, and then try and persuade Russia to back the formation of a Marine Protected Area there – even though they had blocked the proposal at CCAMLR (The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources) on five occasions.

Howard James swam the English Channel… at night

Fewer people have swum the English Channel than have climbed Mount Everest. In 2016, Howard James completed the swim not once but twice, and both times in nearly freezing water.

At 1am he stepped into the water and began his long swim from England to France, but it was just another step in a longer and more painful journey for James and his wife Esmari: in 2015 they lost their baby daughter, and part of the reason for James's two records was to raise funds for the charity they set up in memory of their daughter, The Alexa Trust.

Voorlichting en training Kanaalzwemmen t.b.v. Zwemanalyse

zaterdag, 19 november, 2016 -
13:45 tot 17:00

Bijeenkomst geïnteresseerde zwemmers via aanmelding bij Zwemanalyse.nl.

NLDelta Biesbosch-Haringvliet door jury verkozen tot mooiste natuurgebied van Nederland

NLDelta Biesbosch-Haringvliet heeft de publieksverkiezing voor het mooiste natuurgebied van Nederland gewonnen. De vakjury heeft NLDelta Biesbosch-Haringvliet de wildcard gegeven. De andere drie winnende gebieden zijn Nationale Park Hollandse Duinen, de Veluwe en het Waddengebied. Dat heeft het ministerie van EZ vandaag bekend gemaakt bij De Wereld Draait Door.

Celtic Channel | Male Record | Yee Haaaaa

Red ChannelChallenge.nl: Eigenlijk een beetje jammer. Milko is zijn wereldrecord op het Noord Kanaal kwijt. Dat is de sport! Waar er verbeterd kan worden zal dat ook t.z.t. gebeuren....
Dit blijft een geweldige prestatie!

The Celtic Channel, as I call it, is better known as the Irish or North Channel. It is the body of water separating the two very proud Celtic nations of Irish and the Scots. The straight line distance from Donaghadee to Poartpatrick is 34k. Most swimmers go much further than this. It is widely regarded as the most difficult of the Oceans 7 swims. Being further north than the more well known English Channel, the water is colder (12-14 degs C) with strong currents and, of course, the infamous Lions Mane jellyfish. The weather patterns are less predictable than the English Channel, which can lead to less swimmable days during a neap tide.