Induction Ceremony IMSHoF

zaterdag, 22 april, 2017 (Hele dag)

Induction in International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in Windsor, GBR.

Richard Broer Inducted In Marathon Swimming Hall Of Fame

Richard Broer of the Netherlands was recently selected as an Honour Contributor (Administrator) in the International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame in its Class of 2017. Broer joins a stellar group of swimmers, administrators, escort pilots and organisations that will be inducted and honored on April 22 in Windsor, England at the 2017 International Marathon Swimming Hall of Fame induction ceremonies.

The Afterdrop, Rewarming And Post Rescue Collapse

All organisations, groups and teams that are faced with a probability of treating hypothermia should be prepared to apply the best care available and not that which is merely available or assumed sufficient to prevent death.

Over the last few years of dealing with acute hypothermia injuries, I am reminded over and over again that no athlete is immune.

Stroke Counting: Why and How

The two numbers that swimmers habitually track are how many metres or yards they tally in a workout – or some calendar period – and the time it takes to complete some portion of that tally. “I swam 3000 metres today and did 1:39 on my fastest 100.” 

It’s far less common to monitor stroke count. Yet, for several reasons, stroke count is arguably the most important measure:

1. Regular Feedback  

Feedback – a way to connect efforts to outcomes – is the key to improvement and personal best performance. Feedback is most effective when it comes moment-by-moment. You learn your time for a repeat only after you finish swimming. In contrast, you can monitor stroke count every lap, alerting you to loss of efficiency or variation in Stroke Length.

Swimmers Shoulder – A Common Injury, What Is It And How To Prevent It?

Swimmer’s shoulder is the term used to describe the problem of shoulder pain in the competitive swimmer, (1).

Most other sports recruit the lower body for propulsion, balance, directional changes, etc. Swimming, on the other hand, is heavily upper body dominant for movement and force production. To maximize the generation of propulsion, the upper body requires an above average shoulder flexibility and range of motion (ROM).

CSA Presentatation & Dinner

For those of you that haven't yet seen the CSA Presentation & Dinner photographs from the 5th November, have a look on the following link:

100 x 100 bij De Dolfijn

donderdag, 29 december, 2016 -
18:00 tot 21:00

Van De Dolfijn heb ik de volgende interessante uitnodiging ontvangen:

Op donderdag 29 december wordt door De Dolfijn volgens jarenlange traditie weer de 100x100 georganiseerd. Aanmeldingen o.v.v. naam en starttijd graag naar

2e Clinic Kanaalzwemmen voor Zwemanalyse

zondag, 4 december, 2016 - 09:00

Bij de eerste clinic konden diverse mensen er niet bij zijn. Er is een herkansing op 4 december in het zwembad in Breukelen.

KNZB open water congres

zaterdag, 3 december, 2016 (Hele dag)

3 december in Nieuwegein is het congres open water zwemmen (seizoen 2017).

ONK IJswemmen - IISA-Nederland

vrijdag, 27 januari, 2017 (Hele dag) tot zaterdag, 28 januari, 2017 (Hele dag)

Op 27 en 28 januari zijn in Volendam de Nederlandse kampioenschappen IJszwemmen.