Hypothermia Myths And The Truth About Cold Water

I was meeting with 40 professional mariners last week to discuss their man-overboard procedures. Since they operated where the water is cold (under 60 degrees most of the year), I asked them my favorite question. 

“If you go overboard in January wearing street clothes when the water is just above 33 degrees, how long until you become hypothermic?”

Meet the oldest woman to swim across the English Channel

Pat Gallant-Charette is living proof that we don’t need to put time constraints on our dreams. The 66-year-old grandmother of three from Westbrook, Maine became the oldest woman to ever swim across the English Channel in June when she made the 21-mile-turned-34-mile crossing (because of the strong current) in 18 hours.

Delenn 7e bij de Elite Oceanman

Op 15 oktober meegedaan in de ELITE categorie Oceanman en 7de geworden! Voorheen deed ik steeds mee aan de Master categorie maar ik wilde weten waar ik stond in het ELITE veld. Het was een erg sterk veld waar nummer 4-7 vlak achter elkaar finishte. Voor het moment tevreden en er valt nog genoeg te verbeteren voor volgend jaar. Dus op naar volgend jaar Oceanman

Cold water swimming: why the hell do so many people like doing it?

The other week, I found myself front crawling my way down the icy lane of Brockwell Lido at 8am.

It was a lovely sunny September morning but bloody hell, was it f*cking freezing.

Even wearing a wetsuit, I found myself gasping for panicky air, trying not to ice to death. I thought I was a pretty good swimmer until I found myself floundering in sub-zero temperatures barely able to go four lengths without wheezing like a 90-year-old.

Hypothermia: What I needed to know before I began swimming in cold water

The water at the beginning of the season seemed to take an age to warm up, yet now it's nearing the end it feels like it's taken a bit of a nose dive! Not to be deterred I make the (feels like) bold decision to ditch the wetsuit and try swimming in skins. The last time I swam sans wetsuit was over a month ago, when the water was warm, the sky was blue, flowers were in bloom ...  This time, although the water wasn't so cold at 17.3oc, when you're not accustomed or acclimatised to it, it's frankly a bit of a shock when you get in.

How does stroke rate differ between pool and open water?

Do you have the same stroke rate when swimming in the pool vs open water? How does your stroke differ?
Sabina Heywood

One of the biggest things that people who are used to swimming in the pool suffer with is changing their stroke in the open water. When you swim outdoors you should have a repertoire of strokes up your sleeve.

For example, if the water is choppy and you are swimming into the waves, you will need to shorten your stroke length and up your stroke rate. This allows you to make headway through the waves and chop. If you keep a long stroke with a low stroke rate, you might find you are getting pushed back!

What Science Says About Peeing in Your Wetsuit

Scientists are aware you urinate in your wetsuit. While many people feel like this is weird, it’s completely natural. It’s the norm amongst surfers – even if they don’t all admit to it. As a waterman, you’re experiencing a unique underwater phenomenon called immersion diuresis. Don’t panic though. There is a totally legit scientific reason for this.

So, why do we pee in our wetsuits and what is actually happening inside your body?

Meet Loes leBlanc, the woman swimming the English Channel for a good reason

Last week, Jean Pierre, the Manager from Amsterdam Meet Berlage contacted me about a great story inside his location. He was inspired by Loes le Blanc, 45, mother of 3, swimming the English Channel  in a team of 4, to raise awareness about the Free a Girlproject. With such a great story we couldn’t miss knowing a bit more and share it with you.

Could you tell me a little bit about yourself?

Channel Challenge presenteert plan voor Rotte Challenge

2017-10-07 - Voorburg - Morgen is er een bijeenkomst in De Roerdomp aan de Rottemeren om te praten met gebruikers van de Rotte over nieuwe plannen om promotie te maken voor de Rottemeren. Daar zal ChannelChallenge samen met 010 Swim Experience een plan presenteren voor een mooie zwemtocht van 12,5km langs de molens, de sluizen en rietkragen van de Rotte.

De tocht zal als zelfstandige solo kunnen, solo in pods en als estafette voor de wat minder geoefende zwemmers. Daarnaast is er een plan voor een etappewedstrijd in de rivier en meren van de Rotte.

ChannelChallenge heeft plekken vrij voor IJsselmeer en Kanaal

2017-10-07 - Voorburg - Na de zeezwemclinics die voor 010 swim experience zijn gehouden hebben enkele zwemmers me gevraagd om IJsselmeer en Kanaaloversteken te faciliteren. Ze zijn echter met te weinig zwemmers om het traject goed te kunnen starten.