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Jessi Harewicz Exploring the World's Oceans

Now I have to swim the English Channel

The world is covered by more ocean than land and there is an uncharted playground of water in British Columbia. So why not try something that is done less? You might discover more.

I was a synchronised swimmer as a teen, but I quit due to a combination of the teasing and my lack of success.

I am still a beginner in adventure swimming, but I can’t do much else right now. A couple of years ago I broke up with a long-time boyfriend and it led me to start training for a triathlon. I got back into the pool for the first time in 12 years. I did the Swim Trek boot camp and I failed so badly. I panicked, was violently sick and almost got hypothermia (in a wet suit!). But I only learned this by TRYING. Three weeks later I was swimming 10 hours down Indian Arm.

While continuing to train for my first triathlon, I started to get hip problems. The moment I got the news about my hip, I cried. My Ironman career ended before I could even start a race. But I’d had a taste of adventure swimming and something in my head said 'now I have to swim the English Channel'. The Channel isn’t my ultimate goal, it’s just one of many. I have a big list of swims that I want to do, and it's gonna take time!

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