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10 tips for New Years resolutions

As found on the FaceBook page of Adam Walker:

Adam wrote one of the first sensible guidelines for open water swimming in the early 90's.

  1. Decide on your goals for 2017 and start as you mean to go on.
  2. Create a training plan u can realistically stick to based on your life requirements.
  3. Always make your training plan stretching and feel you have worked hard afterwards.
  4. If possible find a good training partner who is similar in speed if not faster to push you.
  5. Don't engage in any negative conversations about your challenge, either instigated by you or others.
  6. Always say you will achieve the goal no matter what and don't make it a big deal in your head. Play it down to others and your mind will start to believe this way.
  7. Surround yourself with positive people.
  8. Don't be down on yourself if you have a bad session there is always tomorrow.
  9. Stay healthy, listen to your body if you need rest. Rest is as important as training.
  10. Know its your destiny to achieve the goal and be proud of yourself.